When Hosea Met Gomer

Love me like you would love a prostitute­.

Pursuing me into the lairs of my lovers,

Patiently yet persistently coaxing me from the arms and touch of lust.

Let lust be erased from my memory, better yet from my tongue.

For when I speak it will not be of another idol—a man-made God confessed by these lungs,

But this tongue will return tender words of their own,

And I will not only utter them, they will trickle from my mouth in the form of a song.

It will be like the melody I once sung in my youth, because this is all I know how to respond.

And even though you know my taste of the idols isn’t completely gone.

You still accept these words: “your prostitute, excuse me, your bride is now home.”

—O. D. M


The Answer

What if I had the answer to your broken heart.

The possibility to mend what no other has

Shaping the blood dripping flesh into the semblance of an angel

Pulling and pressing till perfection forms.

Yet, what if is an illusion, because what I can only do is love what has already been created.

To be the eyes gazing at the irregular construction that is chipped and bruise from time,

To be the hands to hold you—not create you,

To be the one who lifts you to the light

And says,

Wow, what if…what if this beauty was never mine.

—O. D. M

Run Red River

Run red river,

To wash the screams, to cease the cries.

Oh joy! How sweet would it be…

For your waters to seep through the soil to the roots of me.

Run red river,

To cleanse the reddened eyes of a frightened girl.

Oh joy! How sweet would it be…

For the drippings of your waters to cool the inside of me.

Run red river,

To silence all I fear, to be the melody I hear.

Oh Joy! How sweet would it be…

For your rushing waters to be the orchestra playing through me.

Run Red River.

Oh, sweet, red river run.

— O. D. M

Quote for the Day!!

God is a verb.

Buckminster Fuller

God is not just is, not something we merely present with the talk of our mouths and say we believe in; but God is someone we show with our actions to others. We act out God in our lives and be the living example of God the name, giving Him room—not only to be the noun we represent—but the verb, as well.

Fearing Me.

I. Am. Scared. It is so easy to run to these three words, to tuck your tail in-between your legs and cower behind or from the seemingly impossible. Especially when the seemingly impossible is racism, and not the racism spoken of in the ‘haven’ of our history books, but the racism occurring in our hometowns—in our neighborhoods. Being a twenty-two-year-old black woman I have experienced racism and have had my share of talks concerning the this and that of racism: African-American men and boys being killed; what to do and say when pulled over by those meant to serve and protect; the injustices of policeman not being persecuted for murder; which race is the ‘true’ victim or perpetrator in today’s act of violence; who is wrong and who is right. Yet, in these talks and experiences what I unquestionably hear is I am scared. I am scared of something that is different. I am scared to stand up for what is right, what is just. I am scared to be placed in a position where I fear for my life. Son, I am scared for you to walk outside because of the color of your skin. Whether the “I am scared” comes from self-righteous fear or justified fear, it is both obstructive and dangerous. With self-righteous fear, we confine ourselves in a box that says, we aren’t capable to love what is different—a difference in melanin—and we use such fear to strike out what we do not want to accept. With the justified fear, it can easily be turned into unjustified hate and bitterness and into a life of unrest. Thus, confining us ourselves in an area in life where we can no longer live our lives out in peace nor in love. But, with all that has been written, there is only one who can eliminate the “I am scared”, and that is Jesus. Where it is so easy to run to the three words of fear, it is also that easy to run to the healer and eliminator of all fear and the baggage which comes with fear. There have been moments where I was scared, but I pushed the fear aside with the knowledge that Jesus is the liberator of fear and of the I am scared moments; and in return, Jesus gives me love for those who cause the fear. Where I have said those three words: I. Am. Scared. Jesus responded with: I. Am. Peace; I. Am. Love.


Thanks and a special shout out to RadicallyCarolyn blog for inviting me to guest write this piece on her page. Check out her page!