Slaying the Dragon and Moving Forward

Memories, when we dare to dive into them, can be both dangerous and magical. Dangerous because you may not have slayed the dragon roaming through your mind as you thought; and over the years, as you peeked in on it to see if it was indeed hibernating, you have been feeding it, causing it to grow stronger from your fear of it. In doing this, it waits for the day it can overpower you, its creator.

Though danger can dwell in some memories, there is a sense of magic in them as well. Looking back on prized and cherished memories brings about wonder and awe of a life well lived and of more wonder-filled years to come. A good memory is like dipping one’s feet into a cool pool on a summer day. When the sole of your feet meets the tranquil water, your entire being feels better. Which is what a good memory seeks to accomplish—making calm a ruffled mind.

Through the good and the bad memories learn to realize that each memory, regardless of its status, compliments the other—without the good and without the bad, you would not be who you are. They have shaped you into you. But do allow the memories to become your present. Once and for all, slay the dragon and let it not lurk in the recesses of your memory any longer. Never rest on a handful of great and cherished memories, letting them coast you through the rest of your years. Move into the future with the goal to create more and even better wondrous memories.


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