…The Ugly

My ugly meets you.

Your ugly meets me.

As promised, we stay.

—O. D. M

Each relationship—whether marital, familial, social, or dating—poses its own problems. There are struggles, mishaps, and plain irritation, but you should realize not one person is perfect. Never set someone upon a pedestal they cannot even reach themselves, and do not be surprised when seeing that persons “ugly” side. We all have our faults/shortcomings, so it should be no surprise when it is shown. I’m not saying to go around not trusting everyone to be good, but do not run for the hills when you notice an unpleasant characteristic of that person—maybe you are the perfect person to help them see who they can be, that they aren’t their mistakes, and that they can be better. (If they refuse to try to better than their faults and make no move to do or be better, then it may be best to put space between you and that person. I know, easier said than done, but it is possible and doesn’t have to be for forever). My intent with this poem is to show that along with the good and the bad there is…the ugly. We all have some form of “ugly” in us, but we can all work through it to be better together. Ephesians 4: 2-3; 32.

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