Mercy’s Fight by Tammy L. Gray Novel Review

“God never said He would erase our shortfalls, but would use them for His Glory. The magnitude of His mercy rocked me to the core. He wanted all of me, had great plans to use me for His purpose, mistakes and all.”

Mercy’s Fight is the story of Matt and Grace, two people who struggle to overcome the betrayals and pains of their past. As they begin and form a relationship with the other, past problems as well as new problems are obstacles they must over come.

If you have read Splintered Oak by Tammy L. Gray and had the opportunity to see Matt, then when reading his story you see a completely different man. Or should I say, you see the man behind the smiles and jokes. Matt has had to overcome a lot from his childhood, and reading his story shows just how merciful God truly is. Matt is a strong and relatable character that I am happy to learn more of.

I have to say, Grace is a pretty strong woman to come from a place of comfort and security to a place where her safety, or lack thereof, is in jeopardy the majority of the time. (It was about time she started checking her locks) Grace is a character I enjoyed reading about, and I loved seeing why she chose to make the decisions she did in order to help those in need.

If I had to pick, I would say my favorite main character is Matt. He had to deal with so many obstacles psychological and physical just to be the man God wanted him to be. It was a tough and miraculous journey he overcame.

My favorite side character has to be Marcus. Kid has spunk and a BIG mouth to go along with it. But not only is he strong enough to endure all that is going on around him, he allows for Matt to be the friend and mentor he needs.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone struggling with abuse of any kind. To show how God can help one overcome an obstacle such as that. This would also be a good book for those lacking knowledge on what children in rough neighborhoods go through and how to be empathetic towards them. This is a story of mercy, faith, trust, and freedom from guilt. It is a great read that can make one cry, laugh, angry, and finally, happy!


My favorite part of the book is when Grace’s “husband” comes back. I jumped from my bed and shouted “no!”. Until he showed up, I completely forgot all about the cheating fiancé. It was a shocker, to say the least, when he appeared all suave out and everything!

Another favorite of mine in the book is when Sam asked why Grace thought Matt did not hit him. Her thought was “You’re alive.” That part just made my day! Anyone else think Sam is just weird, or is it just me?


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