Splintered Oak (Winsor Series) by Tammy L. Gray Book Review

Splintered Oak is a great conclusion to the Winsor Series. I would rate this book four out of five. This last book in the series leaves no story or character unfinished. Each main character from the past books appeared in this book in some form or another.

Jake and Naomi are believable characters, and Gray shows the good, the bad, and the ugly of both characters. The way the two interacted with the other was hilarious and heartfelt. The transformation the two made with the other is beautifully written.

I appreciate how Gray portrays Naomi. Though Naomi is a christian, Gray shows through her that Christians are not perfect but are striving to be like God. Naomi was definitely an interesting character to read about, and it was nice to see how she stuck with her convictions.

Jake was a character I had looked forward to reading about, simply because of what we saw through the other characters eyes in previous books. To say the least, I was not disappointed in reading Jake’s story. His reasoning behind why he did what he did is eye opening and it helps you understand what Jake is actually dealing with.

This novel is definitely a book to read. I enjoyed the main and minor characters, seeing that they all played a part in how we saw the main characters. (By the way, was anyone else creeped out, even just a little, by Jonathon?) I am happy to have seen the characters from the first two books in this one. I liked how each story, old and new, concluded.

This is a story of redemption, forgiveness, self-pity, anger, surrender, and family. I am glad to have read this series by Tammy L. Gray and look forward to reading other books by her.


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