Shackled Lily (Winsor Series) by Tammy L. Gray Book Review

Wow, reading this novel has definitely been a roller-coaster of emotions. The story of Issy and Grant is one of patience, hope, redemption, renewal, and true love. Venturing through the psyche of Issy was very revealing. When starting this novel I knew  that Issy was more than what was on the outside, but as I read through the novel my eyes have been opened, even more, to what neglect, abandonment, and self-loathing can do to a person.

The way Tammy L. Gray inserted other literature into this novel was well done. In doing so, Gray allowed for Issy’s way of mind to be portrayed on a higher level. A level in which the readers could understand what Issy truly felt.

Something I disliked about the novel would have to be the multiple kissing scenes. With certain characters and scenes, the kissing was a vital part to the progression of the story (you know what I’m talking about if you have already read it), but I often wondered if the kissing was just a filler or if something could have been said in substitution of the kissing.

(On a side note) One thing I admire about Tammy L. Gray, she does not soften the punches when it comes to showing the heartaches some people go through when abusing substances. Some people only see alcoholics or junkies, when sometimes there is more to the story than just an abuse of drugs and alcohol.

This was another wonderful read my Tammy L. Gray.


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