Even Garbage

Be not the girl aspiring for the needless push and pull of experience

Yet, evolve into the woman desiring the succulent blessings of wisdom

—Octavia Mason

I don’t usually explain the reasoning behind the poems I write, mostly because I like for the words in the poems to be explanation enough, but for this poem I think I should tell you guys why I wrote it and what it means to me.

For those who don’t know, I attend a Christian university and we have chapel days (like church services) twice a week. In one of the chapels we had a guest speaker who spoke on relationships between man and woman—who a man and woman should be before entering into relationships. And there was this one thing about women the speaker said that just stuck out to me. “Even garbage gets taken out once a week”. I heard those words and said…wow. Then I thought about what she meant by those words.

There are so many woman (men as well, but I’m going to focus on the women) who think they are ready to be in a relationship when, honestly, they are far from ready. And they may think just because someone asked them out on a date then, hey, I’m ready to start dating. No, no, no. No. Hence the quote above. Just because you feel full and have been put out there on the street for the whole neighborhood to see, doesn’t mean anything. What are you ready for, the opportunity to congregate with more trash. What exactly are you filled with? Empty trash and that is about to be taken to a landfill.

See, there may be trash on the inside of you that needs to be cleaned and rid of, not taken to a bigger waste area where your trash can fester. Before you can be truly available to be taken out on any type of a date, you have to be clean—I’m not saying you have to be perfect. I’m saying that before you say yes to that date go to the one (God) who can clean up your mess if you let Him.

And you may say, I’m just going on this date for the experience. Some experiences teach lessons that have already been taught. My mom always says, I’ve gone through what I have so you wouldn’t. If someone you know is telling you not to make the mistake they’ve made it’s because they had to live through and with the consequences for their actions, and they don’t want to see you endure the same thing. Do not be the garbage that gets taken out, but strive to be a wholesome lady/woman who does not deserve to be taken out by the garbage man and knows she doesn’t.

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