What You Find When Going Through Old Docs.

Okay, so I was going through some old documents from high school and found this assignment I had to do in AP English. My teacher told the class to write a Dear John letter. Not just any ol’ Dear John letter, no. We were radomly given adjectives and had to make the letter accordingly. I picked out the word, “insluting”.

Guys, now that I’m re-reading this I went way over the top with this assignment. I mean, it’s pretty harsh. I also remember reading this aloud in class and the reactions afterward were…hilarious! Well, with all that said here’s the “Insulting Dear John Letter” I wrote. Let me know what you think, and if you’re a writer (or just think it’s fun) pick an adjective and write a Dear John letter from it!

“Dear John,

You are a weak, simple minded fool. How could I have ever dated such a wimp like you? You proved the first day that I met you that you were a coward, by not asking me out yourself. You were never a man and you never will be. Every time I look at you, I say what in the world was I thinking. You are worthless and good for nothing and that is why we are done. Thank God I am free from this faulty man.

Sincerely, the best thing that has ever happened to you,

Octavia Mason”

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