You Ask Me

You ask me to place my heart in your hands and you promise it shelter

You vow nothing will tear your fingers from something so precious, so vulnerable

I want belief and long for faith

However, my mind is held hostage by feelings

They point every fear and every worry at my head

Threatening open fire if I dare hope

Then you ask to swath my very being in your arms

You pledge to cradle it when foundations deteriorate, soothe it when anxiety laced arrows discharge

You ask for my trust and want my soul, mind, body, and spirit,

I shudder as cold apprehension pushes forward on my mind

Unsure, I venture to hope as I rest my life in your embrace

Then I wait and wait for angst’s and anxiety’s fatal shot,

You ask me to behold kept promises, so peering up I find trepidation no longer hovers over me

—Octavia Mason

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