The End of the World by Amy Matayo Review

The End of the World is a story of love, hate, abuse, forgiveness, trust, redemption. Amy Matayo efficiently wrote a phenomenal story that portrayed the lives of to two hurt and abandoned children who grew up with feelings of past hurt, abandonment, and love. With this novel, Matayo brings her readers into a world of unimaginable pains which ultimately evolves into a world of unconditional love.

This story, sadly, is one that happens in real life more than most would like to think. Children of all ages are hurt and wronged intentionally or unintentionally in so many ways when they are put through the system. And unfortunately, some who are assigned jobs such as social workers may not do their job as accurately as it should be done.

I loved though Shaye and Cameron felt abandoned and neglected that in each other they found solace and comfort. They found a confidant in the other.

A part in the novel that stuck out the most to me is how Shaye and Cameron finally found some form of peace and how parts of themselves were pieced back together once they spoke about the things that had hurt and hindered them, releasing them from past burdens and grief. So often, people believe that holding in a secret is what’s best for themselves and for others. But sometimes, what’s best is to speak out on the secrets before they rip you apart from the inside out.

The End of the World now holds a special place in my heart. Honestly, I was wary of this novel. From the reviews I had read, I knew what I was about to get myself into. I knew the topic would be heavy, but I went in anyway. The topic of this novel brings to light so many things that people like to turn an eye from because is a “touchy” subject or “uncomfortable”. Don’t turn from this novel because it may be “uncomfortable” or “touchy”. (But don’t read this if it’ll be some sort of trigger for you). Because when you read it, it may lighten up your eyes to things that were once a tad bit murky. I know one thing that this novel does; it shows not everyone is as whole as they seem to be and maybe they are looking for someone to love them, comfort them, and to simply be there for them as a trustworthy friend.

If you’ve read this book before leave a comment about what you thought of the book!

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