Shattered Rose (Winsor Series) by Tammy L. Gray

This story of Parker and Avery is one of unconditional love, self-worth, redemption, and forgiveness. None of the main characters are hollowed creatures with no sense of substance. Each character, starting from Avery to Issy are all facing different trials and temptations in life—some hidden and some apparent.

T.L. Gray presents the characters in a believable way, helping the readers to see there are people in life who endure things these characters did. T.L. portrays the unconditional love of God through one of the characters, and it just shows how we as followers of God can love others without being judgmental and condemning. One lesson T.L showed in her writing that really stood out to me; is not to be unequally yoked with another. You and that person cannot move forward in a growing relationship if you two aren’t pursuing the same thing (God).

Shattered Rose is a heartfelt story that at times will make you laugh, highly angry at Avery and Jake (most of the time), and cry around chapter 24. A wonderful read!

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