Mirror, Mirror (Grace #1) by Staci Stallings

If I were to describe this novel in one sentence it would be: the image portrayed is not always what lies behind the glossy photo.

The story was laid out beautifully. When Stallings writes, she writes to where it is no longer fiction but to where the people in her novel are real. When one reads this novel it brings to light that there are actual situations and people in the world who hurt this way, feel this way, and live this way and who really needs God’s authentic non-condemning love.

Yes, the story is revolved around Sage and Luke, but once you continued to read you are longer just concerned about those two characters but about all that surround them. Your heart is drawn to reasons why certain characters act the way they act, and you long to see them helped.

The way Stallings invites God into her writing gives the reader a chance to see the author. What she believes and what she has learned from God in the process of writing this novel. There’s a line in the novel that says, “We give from the overflow of what God’s doing in our lives.” I truly believe that is what Stallings does when she writes her books and novels, and I am grateful for her pouring out what God is pouring into her. We are filled only to be emptied.

This is a sincere, heartfelt novel that makes one laugh, possibly cry (Sage cried enough to where I didn’t have to), and shout just a tad bit.

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